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Techno Tuesday 20/8

Schedule for tonight:

5 pm – Techno is our Religion ft. Procopis Gkouklias hosted by Chris Henderson

7 pm – Quantize 008 – Liquid Static

8 pm – QLR Vol. 13 – Peter Cruch

9 pm – Guestmix by Resever hosted by Audiunt

10 pm – Guestmix by Biels hosted by Jarvis

11 pm – Guestmix by DJ Polee

12 am – AlpCiD 001 by DJ Eks and Sektion106

2 am – JGB Detroit

3 am – Underground Sessions hosted by Demah

4 am – The Underground Radio Show by Smokingroove

Guestmix by Biels – Rave Parade

Saturday Tech 17th August 2019

Full DJ Rosta on from 6pm BST

6pm Mikey Gallagher – Mikey Gallagher Mixshow
7pm Jake Cusack – Session 123
8pm Melvin Naidoo – Sat Tech 8
9pm Underground Tacticz – Quest London Radio 7
10pm Tetlo – TBC
11pm DJ Marz 4 Housrs Live with DJ Scheffie

Artist Promotion: SHEIK

Check out this cool artist SHEIK (Rasmus Norman) from Stockholm
This week you can here his track ‘Svart’ on #questlondonradio

I asked SHEIK to do a Tech Mix for us so check our twitter and facebook for more info and the airtime!

In the mean time you can check out his music on his spotify and soundcloud


Twisty Thursday 15th August 2019

Full DJ Rosta and shows

5pm DJ Marz – We Go Deep
6pm Pete Collins – DeepHouse Classics
7pm Danny K – This Is… Classics Mix Vol 1
8pm DJ Lewys Jones – Tech House Thursday
9pm Tetlo – Back In The Swing Of Things
10pm Scotty D – Essential Trance
11pm Nandzino – The N-Zone
12am Quinton Morgan – Sweatbox

Techno Tuesday 13/8

Techno Tuesday’s schedule

5 pm – Techno Is Our Religion ft. Mila Chiral hosted by Chris Henderson

7 pm – DeepDownDirty Excluvise by Liquid Static

8 pm – Killer Sessions v. 12 – Peter Cruch

9 pm – Monthly Mixtape 20 – DJ Mighty Ming

10 pm – Quest mix for 13/8 – Jarvis

11 pm – Collide 001 – The Konduktor and Twin City Shredder

12 am – MentACIDique – DJ Eks

2 am – APESH_T Raver – JGB Detroit

3 am – Underground Session ft. noRecall hosted by Demah

4 am – Serious Techno Madness – Tetlo

5 am – The Underground Radio Show 145 – Smokingroove

Super Sunday 11/8

Tonight’s #lineup
#TuneIn at
6 pm @LennyFontana @KarmicPowerRec Show
7 pm Sunday DNA – DJ Deano @EneferDean
8 pm @Nandzino
9 pm @KestellDuxbury with One Dimential Man
10 pm @dannmking
11 pm @johnspectre2
1 am @charlyo_f#deephouse
2 am @mikeygallagher

Saturday Tech 10/8/19

The Rosta for Quest’s Saturday Tech:

6pm Mikey Gallagher
7pm Jack Cusack (Audioslags)
8pm Liquid Static (MelvinNaidoo7) – DeepDownDirtyRL Exclusive
9pm DJ Tacticz
10pm Tetlo
11pm Cevin Fisher

Quest Thursday 8/8/19

6pm Marz
7pm Dj Quasar
8pm Lewys Jones
9pm Timmy P
10pm Scotty D  
11pm Tetlo

DJ Quasar – Funky House Mix 009

Quasar’s latest Funky House Mix now on Mixcloud

DeepDownDirty Exclusive, mixed by Liquid Static

Melvin aka Liquid Static made a set with the upcoming Tech / Techno releases by DeepDownDirty Record Label.
Here is the Track Selection and our broadcast times.

  1. Reiner Liwenc
  2. Renée Lincoln & Dogstare
  3. The Kid Inside
    One Way Forward( Jacki-e Remix)
  4. Askani
    Oldham Street
  5. Renée Lincoln & Dogstare
  6. DJ ZAfrica
    Dark Mistress
  7. Jarvis
  8. Jarvis
    Stick Around
  9. Reiner Liwenc
  10. Audio Spectro
    Dirty(Konvic Remix)
  11. Askani
    Powder Lips
  12. Audio Spectro