Quest London Radio was born because of the love of house music of the founder Pete Collins (@Kontactquest).

Quest FM was born in London in 1994 and revitalised in the summer 2012 when we started showcasing DJ’s from around the world and now we have found our new home at questlondonradio.com at the beginning of 2019 with a new 24/7 schedule.

Because there was a wish to take Quest London Radio to the next level due to all the warm support from the listeners DJ Marz (@DutchDJMarz) joined Pete end 2018 and the Quest London Radio team was created.

A few months later DJ Danny King (@dannmking) joined the team to make it possible to do even more genre based nights.

So 2019 we started with a new logo, a website, a Facebook page, our own Shoutcast server and are there 24×7 with DJ shows, DJ sets and live sets.

As more and more DJ’s are joining the #questfamily we are aiming on a full genre based schedule for the near future.