DJ Info

To our DJ’s and Guest DJ’s:

Make your mix at leas 60:10 min/sec, it will be cut off around 59:50 but we had some trouble with mixes shorter than 60:01.

Send us MP3 – 320 Kbps – 16 bit, this will always play without problems.

Name your ID3 title tag for us, the staff and autotwitter likes it: Title [Title of your show without special characters like # ‘ & ! .]

Name your ID3 Artist tag: Artist [Artist Name followed by (@twittername)].

Place it on our Google Drive.. If you dont have access to your personal share, please send your email and we make a personal share for you.
For Guest DJ’s or if no other choice use and send it or

Make some social exposure for your mix…
These are our social channels:



Website and player:

Guest Mix / Apply for a Spot

If you want to be a part of the #questfamily and with a guest mix or a weekly, two weekly or monthly spot, send a demo mix via to or