Quest London Radio – Uplifting/Tech Trance Guest Mix by NicKenzey (June 2019) by NicKenzey

My debut guest mix for aired 10pm (UK) 20/06/2019 and includes the very best in uplifting, tech, melodic and vocal trance from 2016 to present. Many thanks for the invite Quest, absolute pleasure and please enjoy!! 🙂

01) Luminosity (Extended Mix) – Activa
02) If You Want (Extended Mix) – Tasso
03) Dream Eater (Extended Mix) – Dustin Husain
04) Every Mile a Mountain (Original Mix) – Brian Flinn
05) Get Out (Original Mix) – The Avains
06) Dynaglide (Extended Mix) – Adam Francis
07) Joyenergizer (2nd Phase Extended Remix) – Joy Kitikonti
08) Every Sun (Factor B’s Extended Perfect Sunrise Remix) – Robert Nickson, Cat Martin
09) Mystery Land (Nicholson Remix) – Fred Baker Pres. Y-Traxx
10) Aida (Extended Mix) – Richard Durand
11) 31 Seconds (Original Mix) – Brad Thatcher & Steve Blake
12) Supernova (Extended Mix) – Paul Denton
13) The Further (Extended Mix) – David Rust

Many Thanks!! 🙂

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